Nearly twice as many boys as girls attain very high scores on the math SAT, with an immense difference at the high end. But the job market for STEM graduates is not as good as it should be, due to corporations' preference for hiring lower-paid, easy-to-control foreigners on H-1B visas, so many American guys decide…

»1/06/15 6:00pm1/06/15 6:00pm


I have a friend from Nashville staying with me in Chicago. Yesterday while walking to a bus, some guy started hollering at her, even crossing the street to get closer. He finally asked, "where's your man??" »7/22/14 3:58pm7/22/14 3:58pm

Up-and-Comer Lena Waithe Is More Than Just the 'Black Lena Dunham'

There's one particular scene from the pilot presentation for Twenties, a show centered on a twenty-something black woman named Hattie, that's not like anything you've seen on television. A few black women are sitting around at a birthday party, and one, Marie, mentions she needs a pad. Their white friend, Lauren,… »8/30/13 11:35am8/30/13 11:35am

Breaking Bitch: Admit You Have A Problem With Women

So I’ve been thinking a lot about Anna Gunn’s fabulous New York Times piece about the vitriol leveled at Skyler White and other characters who “won’t suffer silently or “stand by her man."" (She goes on to list TV wives Carmela Soprano and Betty Draper as other examples of this phenomenon.) Certainly the Internet is a… »8/26/13 6:56pm8/26/13 6:56pm

Oh, God: Carl's, Jr. Has Created a Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich

Ok, everyone, I get it. The Cronut has goaded our hubris, and now our sudden compulsion to create decadent food-mutants has gotten the best of us. Is this the new phase of enlightened human consciousness, or will it end terribly (with a rioting hoard of angry villagers chasing a croissantwich into a windmill and… »7/26/13 6:11pm7/26/13 6:11pm